When is the best time to roof your house?

The weather in Edmond, Oklahoma is unpredictable and I can see the concern on when a good time is to install a new roof.

I’ve been asked several times when is the best time of year to install a new roof. I’ve also had customers tell me that they would like to wait to install their roof during the summer so the shingles seal down and others say they want to wait when its cooler so our installers aren’t so hot.

The weather in Edmond, Oklahoma is unpredictable and I can see the concern on when a good time is to install a new roof. I believe that anytime of year is a good time to install a new roof as long as its dry and temperatures are above 40 degrees and rising. Here are a few things to think about when making your decision on when to start your roof repairs.

During the winter and cooler months, anyone roofing Edmond Oklahoma homes with asphalt shingles must pay close attention to the weather. The adhesive strip may not activate and there might be some bundle distortion due to low roof surface temperature. If you do decide to roof on a cold day please make sure that there is an abundance of sunshine. The sunshine and the suns UV rays will help heat the roof surface to help activate the seal strip. The roof will still need a few more weeks of heat and sunshine to completely seal down especially the North facing slopes. Most manufacture instructions have specific cold weather instructions. Installing 6 nails per shingles and hand sealing may be required.

In Edmond, Oklahoma it could be snowing one day and 60 degrees the next so proper planning is a must. The size of the roof can determine on how many days you will need to block off for the roof install. We typically can remove and replace approximately 30 squares a day and always allow a second day for unforeseen delays.

Its nice that the shingles seal down almost immediately during the hot summer months but there also some concerns to deal with. Shingles are already soft coming out of the package and with excessive heat the shingles become susceptible to foot traffic and scaring. We recommend installing sections of the roof that can be done first without walking on the new product to complete the remaining areas. Working in the mornings and evening times also help reduce foot traffic and scarring.

With proper scheduling and planning you can rest assure that Marlatt Roofing has you covered.

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