Too sexy for my roof!

I like how installing the proper roof vents can actually help your "non-sexy" HVAC equipment perform more efficiently and last longer.

I was having a conversation with one of my friends that runs a HVAC company other day and we were comparing the HVAC business to the Roofing business. Both businesses are similar in the fact that extreme weather conditions dictate how busy work becomes between seasons. We talked about several other similarities too but the main thing that stuck out from our conversation was that he said that HVAC isn’t sexy. He said that most HVAC units and equipment are hidden in the attic, a closet door, or on the side of the house. Its not something you see everyday and its something that most people don’t ever think about unless your air conditioning goes out. When it does go out, its usually at the worst time and it becomes a top priority.

Later that evening I asked myself if roofing was sexy or not. When you drive up to a house the roof is usually the first thing you see. There are so many cool styles, grades, and colors to choose from. A new roof can literally change the appearance of the entire house. However, there are also key accessories like ventilation that typically go unnoticed that are installed on the backside of the roof and not very sexy.

Attic ventilation and choosing the right roof vents can sometimes take a backseat to the actual roof. You can install two of the exact same roofs, one with roof vents, the other without, and have immediate differences between the two. Your attic ventilation system is built around roof vents. They allow your attic to breathe while also protecting your roof system from heat and moisture damage among other things.

I like how installing the proper roof vents can actually help your “non-sexy” HVAC equipment perform more efficiently and last longer.

Roof ventilation can lower cooling cost during these Oklahoma summers. Roof vents allow hot air in your attic space to escape from your attic. If this heat isn’t removed sufficiently then it creates a blanket of warm air in your attic. This blanket of heat can transfer into living spaces making your AC run all day long.

The heat can also make your HVAC equipment in the attic work harder than it has too. This adds stress to you HVAC equipment and can make it wear out faster.

Bring sexy back into a better ventilation system next time you get a new roof. Proper roof ventilation can prolong the life of your HVAC equipment and save money on your cooling cost. If a new roof isn’t necessary then talk to a representative at Marlatt Roofing and see how we can upgrade or tweak your existing ventilation system, save you money, and unexpected future HVAC equipment failures.

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