Stone coated steel metal roofing

Stone Coated Steel provides Class 4 Hail Impact Resistant performance.

Did you know that there are several other roofing options out there other than just Asphalt shingles? One option you may not have heard about before is Stone Coated Steel. Stone Coated Steel has been around for several years and is a great option for both commercial and residential roofing. A Stone Coated Steel roof is a roof made from steel; the metal is then coated with stone chips and attached to the steel with an acrylic film. The goal is a more durable roof that still retains the aesthetic advantages of a more traditional roofing material.

Stone Coated Steel provides Class 4 Hail Impact Resistant performance, the best rating available for roofing products. Class 4 Rating only test up to 2” inches in diameter but most Stone Coated Steel roofs can withstand up to 2 1/2” inches in diameter which is technically higher than Class 4. With the high amount of hailstorms we get in Oklahoma the more durable the roof the better. Most insurance companies also offer a discount when installing a Class 4 roofing system. I’ve seen premium discounts up to 30% so check with your insurance company and see is they offer any discounts for Class 4 shingles.

Stone Coated Steel comes in a variety of profiles and colors to choose from. Most manufactures offer about five different profiles ranging from a traditional shingle look to a classic tile appearance. With so many options and colors it’s easy to match any homeowner’s association covenant roofing requirements.

With the rising material cost for plywood, it may be worth going back with a Stone Coated Steel roofing due to the building code requirements for asphalt shingles. If your existing substrate/ deck has 1 X decking, building codes and manufacture requirements may require you to re-deck the house to create a solid substrate before going back with new asphalt shingles. What’s great about Stone Coated Steel is that you can install over the 1 X decking and even install over existing shingles while staying in compliance with current building codes. With the money you would have used to re-deck the house you can put it towards a Stone Coated Steel roof and minimize the hassle of a re-deck or mess of a complete tear off.

Stone Coated Steel can be installed directly to the deck or over an elevated batten system. Both installs provide energy savings and could cut the attic temperature in half during the hottest months in Oklahoma. The cooler the attic the less you spend on energy bills.

Stone Coated Steel provides the best durability, performance and protection for your home or commercial building. The next time you need a roof check out how a Stone Coated Steel system and enhance your curb appeal and add value to your property. It just might be the last roof you’ll ever have to buy.

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