Key roof accessories.

Key components to a full roofing system

When getting a new roof here in Edmond, most people only think about the field shingles and don’t emphasize on the key components to a full roofing system and roof accessories.

A full roofing system and roof accessories is made up of several different accessories and components other than just the shingles themselves. Below are a few key components that we utilize on every roof we install and are also recommended by most shingle manufactures to complete a full roofing system.

Ice & Water Leak Barriers: Ice and Water leak barriers are applied directly to the deck. Ice and water barriers are a waterproof membrane that prevents ice and water damage to your roof. Its primary function is to protect your roof decking in the event that water penetrates your roofing material. Ice and water shield should be applied around certain portions of your roof, such as roof valleys, penetrations, and on low pitched areas.  

Felt: The purpose of felt is to provide a moisture-resistant layer beneath your roof’s shingles and above the roof deck. There are typically two types of felts; synthetic and traditional felt paper. Most manufactures offer an inexpensive synthetic underlayment in lieu of 15lb or 30lb felt.

Starter Strip: A Starter Strip adds to the roof’s water-shedding function by covering shingle joints where one shingle butts up to another. The Starter Strip also helps seal down the first course of shingles along the eaves and rakes. Different Starter Strips are made to fit specific shingle size and exposures.

Hip & Ridge Shingles: Hip and Ridge shingles cover the horizontal and vertical lines of connecting slopes. These finishing pieces come in high and low profiles and are designed to bend over the Hip and Ridges of the roof. Cut 3-Tabs for the hip and ridge aren’t designed to make that bend and will eventually become brittle and crease.

Shingle manufactures also offer extended warranty’s when using their shingles and their key components. Make sure your roofer doesn’t cut corners and mix and match components to save a couple bucks. With the uncertainty of Oklahoma’s extreme weather conditions make sure you’re covered and have a roofing system that will last.

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