Identifying a Manufacturing Defect

Manufacturing Defect or poor installation?

Manufacturing defects aren’t the first thing a customer thinks about when buying a new roof but defects happen all the time. Manufacturing plants produce thousands of shingles of squares every year. Assembly lines do a great job on quality but things can slip through the cracks. Here in Edmond, Oklahoma residents typically replace their roofs every 7 to 10 years so its important to know what defects may look like and how to avoid a poor install.

Over the years I’ve personally ran into several different types of defects. Some of the defects require immediate attention, some are just cosmetic and some issues are caused by the installation.

Blistering: Blistering may appear on the exposed face of the shingles.. After the installation of shingles, blisters generally start to form within the first year. Although blistering is frequently thought to be a manufacturing flaw, the roof system is usually the real culprit. Shingles’ useful life may be shortened by blisters.

Granule loss: Granules may be lost as a result of blistering shingles. When moisture is trapped inside the shingles due to aging, wear and tear, or a storm, it can blister the shingles.

Delamination: Delamination can develop over time as a result of your roof being exposed to UV radiation or from the original roof being installed incorrectly. Delamination can also occur if moisture penetrates between the roof’s membrane and the shingles. The present roof may sustain water and wind damage as a result of this delamination.

Curling: The most frequent causes of roof shingle curling are improper roof shingle installations. These can be the result of failing to follow installation instructions. The nails used were either of poor quality, insufficient in number to hold the shingles firmly in place, or the wrong length.

Its important to hire a knowledgeable roofing contractor to make sure they are installing the roof correctly with top of the line products. A system roof warranty by Marlatt Roofing allows our customers to have the peace of mind that the roof is installed correctly and backed 100% by the manufacture.

Manufacturing Defect

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