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Repairs can be tricky.  Marlatt Roofing has over 10 years of roof repair experience on locating and repairing active leaks or damaged roofs.  If you have stains or water spots on your celling or walls you could have an active leak.  Let us fix the root cause of the problem.  Untreated leaks that go on for months or even years can cause additional damages to the interior of your home or business, like mold, rot, damage to dry wall, carpet and floors.  Marlatt Roofing’s professionals will inspect the interior and exterior damage to identify the problem and come up with a reasonable plan to permanently fix the area.

Oklahoma Weather

Oklahoma weather can be unpredictable at best, from high winds, freezing cold and burning hot temperatures, hailstorms, and dangerous tornadoes.  This can all take its tole on an Oklahoma residential or commercial roof, and without the proper maintenance can cause very costly damage over the years.


If you’re wondering how long after hail damage you can file a claim, most standard policies require filing a claim within one year of determining that a hail storm damaged your roof or other parts of the house.  Marlatt Roofing recommends having your roof and property inspected first by a professional to make sure that the reported damage is severe enough to justify filing a claim.  Some repairs to damages may not reach your deductible amount so its good to have the roof inspected first before getting your insurance company involved.  If the damages require a repair cost that exceeds your deductible amount;  Marlatt Roofing can help guide you through the process of filing a claim and getting the proper documentation and estimates to your Insurance carrier.


Oklahoma weather is all over the place.  One day it’s hot and the next its cold.  Due to the aggressive Oklahoma seasons many homeowners experience debris that can gather at the valleys, low slopes of the roof, gutters and downspouts.  Tree limbs, leaves, dirt, and gravel/ granules from the roof can gather at these areas and restrict water flow.  When debris like these collect together they create a dam or blockage that restricts positive water flow.  It’s important to have the roof and gutters checked and cleaned yearly by a professional.  Routine  maintenance can save the life of the roof, shingles and reduce or even eliminate future costly repairs.